ChungHong Holdings Limited is a service provider of one-stop printed circuit board assembly ("PCBA") and original equipment manufacturing ("OEM") solutions for the electronics industry.

We have established a strong track record for our high quality assurance system and for our ability to meet stringent factory audits of our customers who are global players in the electronics industry. Some of our major customers include Samsung Korea, Samsung Electronics Suzhou LCD Co., Ltd, Tianjing Samsung Monitor Pte Ltd, Tianjin Samsung Electronics Pte Ltd, (the "Samsung Group"), TPV Technology Limited ("TPV"), LG Electronics (Shenyang) Co., Ltd, LG Yantai, (the "LG Group") and Logitech Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd ("Logitech"),Kingston technology shanghai co.,ltd.

We offer customised solutions and an efficient manufacturing network that enable our customers to increase their efficiency, lower their costs and achieve greater success in the market place. Through our total PCBA and OEM solutions, we are dedicated to creating solid partnerships with our customers.

ChungHong Holdings Limited~ Your reliable partner in providing total PCBA and OEM solutions.

We are able to provide PCBA and OEM services using any of the SMT/AI/MI techniques or a combination thereof depending on various factors, which include the type of end-products to be produced, the quantity and the product mix...